Strategic Media Services

Media Relations/Media Placement


After decades in the media business, we know what makes a national story and we're equipped to help you plug yours in to the outlet that matters most.. We come from the world where a picture is worth a thousand words, now worth a million hits.

Strategic Media Plans/Audits


Imagine having an organized review of your media

presence? What does your arsenal of media tools look like and are you set up for media success? We can help you process like never before.  

Crisis/Litigation Support


After decades working with reputable lawyers on large cases and small,  behind the cameras and in front, we've got what it takes to help you and your clients elevate your media game.   

Media Training/Messaging


Media Training is a discipline that is crucial and worth every minute to establish your media presence, lay out your strategy and practice your strengths. No matter what the medium, messaging is crucial.

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